Embracing what makes us unique! 

Every child is different. They develop at different rates, learn in different styles, and communicate in different ways. At Atomic Dance, your child's differences will be seen as their strengths! We will meet them where they are and adapt our teaching methods to suit their situation. We love to embrace the unique qualities of our students and encourage them to develop a voice through their dance style. We believe that with a little patience, kindness and care every child can love to dance.                             


Our Values

1) Kindness and Positivity 

Encouraging students to make kind choices and be conscious of the effect of their actions on others. Modeling and instilling a positive attitude in our students. 

2) Self Guided Learning

We strive to follow your child and encourage them to be the master of their own success.

3) A Nurturing Environment

Human first, dancer second. 
We have a strong dedication to creating a nurturing environment full of encouragement, gentle correction and a fostering of creativity.

4) Determination 

Ensuring students are dedicated in their own development, and determined to work hard and progress with self improvement and self reflection.

5) Confidence in Creativity

When children are young, they have bundles of creativity and the confidence to suggest ideas and try something new. We believe this is a special gift that needs to be supported. Our programs have dedicated sections for fun, creative challenges to inspire students to create, improvise and choreograph. We follow the child and help them to develop their ideas into something wonderful.



All classes are paid for with a commitment free monthly subscription...



I started Atomic Dance in 2018 with the vision of bringing a new, innovative dance experience to children. Our understanding of how children develop is changing, as should our teaching methods...

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