PRICING - Monthly Membership

Simple monthly payments that stay the same every month, So that you can keep life stress free, and we can keep on dancing! 

Payments are made monthly, calculated on how many hours your family does a week. (All siblings are included in the same plan!)

There are 38 weeks of dance per year in 11 payments (no payment in August).

Similar to a phone contract, the payment is the same every month regardless of how many weeks are in the month. The difference is you can cancel anytime!


Just let us know at least 2 weeks before your next payment and we will suspend the subscription for the following month.

Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Little Stars Starter

 30 minute class a week 


Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Little Stars Basic

 60 minutes of class per   week 


Young Dancers in Ballet Class

Little Stars Premium

90 minutes of classes per week 

*Little Stars 30 minute classes only *


Female Dancer

Starter Membership

 60 minutes of classes per   week 


Dance Practice


 Up to 90 of minutes of   classes per week 


Girls Lacing Up Their Shoes


 3 hours of classes per   week 


Break Dancer

Starter +

 Up to 1 hour and 45 minutes of classes   per week


Modern Dance


 4 hours of classes per   week 


Female Dancer


 Up to 2 hours of   classes per week 




7 hours of classes per week