Meet The Team 

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Ellie founded Atomic Dance in 2018 with the vision of bringing a new, innovative dance experience to children. She has been teaching from a young age and full time for the past 4 years, gaining qualifications with the IDTA, Acrobatic Arts and Alixa Flexibility. Ellie feels very strongly about Atomic Dance promoting a creative, safe learning environment for children, where their individuality can be celebrated. Ellie teachers all Acrobatic Arts, Lyrical, Junior Combo and Little Stars Acro Dance classes.

'I believe that as our understanding of how children develop is changing, as should our teaching methods. The traditional style of dance classes, with the teacher having a one size fits all approach, is not effective for modern children. All children are different, which should be celebrated! They develop at different rates and move in different ways. I want our students to view our classes as their movement playground; as long as it is safe, there is no 'right way'  to move!"


Teaching Assistant


Phoebe has been dancing since she was 7 and has a passion for caring for children. Now working as a full-time hairstylist, she loves to assist with classes in her free time! She provides a helping hand and emotional support for our students should they need it. 


Ballet and Musical Theatre


Laura is an IDTA trained teacher who has been teaching Ballet and Musical Theatre for over 10 years. 

She teachers all Monday evening classes.